At AutonomyWorks, we believe that every Associate contributes to the growth and success of our company. We have developed a ground-breaking approach to training and development of our Associates that allows us to match and develop the skills of every individual to our tasks and jobs. Our Multiple Paths to Employment model utilizes a tiered training environment to give every individual the greatest opportunity to succeed.

Most work training programs do little to prepare people with autism for the work force because they focus on training that does not leverage their unique skills and abilities. Furthermore, typical jobs and work environments are not designed to accommodate the needs and challenges of individuals with autism. As a result, the employment rate for adults with autism is less than 20% – substantially lower than the general market rate of 70%.

AutonomyWorks Associates are sourced through a partnership with the Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO). DRS has relationships with more than 30,000 individuals with disabilities that are ready to work, and trained Rehabilitation Counselors that match individual skill sets with employment opportunities.

Job Shadow Days:
Each month, AutonomyWorks hosts Job Shadow events to screen potential Associates. During the Job Shadow, individuals learn about our company, interact with our current team, ask questions and try a work sample set. The Job Shadow is less than two hours in duration and was designed to give individuals a first introduction to AutonomyWorks and the type work we complete for our clients. After the Job Shadow, individuals demonstrating a skill set match and a preference towards the work advance to the next step in our process, an Assessment Day.

Assessment Days:
Following a Job Shadow event, individuals may be invited back to AutonomyWorks for a full Assessment Day. The Assessment Day was designed in collaboration with industry experts to provide a comprehensive view of a potential Associate’s skill set. Assessment Day participants spend a full day at our company and are assessed on computer skills, professional skills and several work sample sets to see where they may best fit within our team. After an Assessment Day, all individuals are provided with feedback and analysis of their performance during the day.

Work Experience Training Program:
Our Work Experience Training Program provides extended computer and professional skills training to help better prepare individuals for competitive employment. Qualified candidates are invited to take part in either a four or six week, voluntary, training program hosted in our office. Trainees receive hands-on, experiential training to develop competencies in computer skills, AutonomyWorks’ tools and processes, and professional skills. Individuals receive performance feedback and evaluations throughout the program and receive a Certificate of Completion for completing the program.

Apprenticeship Program:
The Apprenticeship program is designed to prepare individuals for employment at AutonomyWorks. With a focus on increased autonomy and independence, the Apprenticeship helps qualified candidates transition into the daily work flow and environment at AutonomyWorks. Apprentices train on the production floor alongside our current team and work to master the skills and abilities necessary to deliver quality work. Apprentices train on mock client work sets and receive 1:1 assistance from a dedicated Trainer. Trainees who successfully complete the Apprenticeship may be hired onto our team immediately, or at a future date, in support of our business needs.

Job Coaching:
Once a Trainee has been offered a competitive employment opportunity with AutonomyWorks, a dedicated job coach may provide training and support for up to 12 weeks. During the Job Coaching portion of the Training Program, individuals are focused on mastering client work and becoming experts on specific jobs. It is our expectation that all Associates will be autonomous on client work by the duration of the job coaching plan.

All AutonomyWorks Talent Development programs are delivered at our facility in the suburbs of Chicago. To be considered for any of our Training and development programs, learn more about how to apply.