My name is Kendall and I have been an Associate at AutonomyWorks since 2014. I work 4 or 5 days each week. I get to work at 8:30 am every day and leave at 3:30 on most days.

I work on Centro and Leo Burnett. Centro is a business that helps other companies put banner ads up on Websites to advertise their products. I take screen captures of these Ad Units running on different Websites. I manipulate the Screen Captures so they are the correct size and show the right information using Paint. Then I copy and paste them into PowerPoint to create presentations for Centro. This helps Centro prove to their clients that the ads they paid for are running where and when they are supposed to be.

My work for Leo Burnett is very different. They are a marketing services company and they do a lot of different types of work. At AutonomyWorks, I do Quality Assurance work for Leo Burnett. I look at Website pages they’ve created and check to see if the content on the page is correct and if the links work correctly.

When I first started working here it was hard to learn all the different work we do for our clients. I had had some Computer and Office Skills training from courses I took at the College of DuPage, but there are a lot of different skills needed for each individual client. (It definitely helps to have some knowledge or experience about computer work for this job!) It took some time to get comfortable with the work, but I’ve also learned a lot of new skills too. I’ve really learned to use keyboard shortcuts to make doing my tasks much easier.

For those that are just starting out, my advice would be remember it just takes time to get the hang of things and train on different clients. It will always be overwhelming at first, but you will get comfortable as you go along and get used to the work.

I like working here. We work hard but get to do a lot of fun things too. We have Points Parties, where the group earns points when we meet our goals. We get to decide how to use the points to do team outings like going bowling or going to a baseball game. AutonomyWorks is a great place to work and a great work environment.