Create thousands of jobs for individuals with autism and similar abilities, directly and by supporting others.

Individuals with autism have unique talents and abilities that are perfectly matched to deliver high-quality, cost-competitive services to today's highly-technological businesses. There are more than 1 million potential workers with Autism Spectrum Disorders who want to contribute their talents to the business community and to society... and AutonomyWorks is here to help.

AutonomyWorks is a for-profit, social enterprise that offers long-term career opportunities for talented individuals. Our team works from our dedicated facility in the suburbs of Chicago.


The Problem

In the next decade, 500,000 individuals with autism will graduate from the school system into a work-world unprepared to leverage their skills and talents....

Our Purpose

To change the way the world views people with autism...

Impact Measurement

AutonomyWorks delivers business results and social impact....

Our Partnerships

AutonomyWorks partners with local and national organizations and businesses to further our mission. Learn more about our current partners and opportunities to partner with us....

Similar Organizations

We’re on a mission to change the way people view individuals with autism. Learn more about other organizations we admire for their shared belief in our dream....