As a Benefit Corporation, Autonomy Works not only maintains metrics common to all professional service businesses, but also measures the social impact of the business on our Associates and the larger community. Our impact metrics are based on the IRIS catalog of metrics developed by the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN).

Professional Service Business metrics – examples:

  • Revenue growth per year.
  • Annual revenue per billable client.
  • Project margin – percentage of revenue after paying the direct costs of project.
  • EBITDA – earnings before interest taxes and depreciation

Project metrics for unique client operations and tasks – examples:

  • Project or campaign design that meets client’s unique process requirements tested and delivered.
  • On-time delivery of components meeting specifications.
  • Project or campaign completed on time and within budget.

Workplace metrics for Autonomy Works Associates – examples:

  • Shifts per week.
  • Hours worked per Associate per week.
  • Productivity and accuracy on campaigns or projects.
  • Associate turnover.

Social impact on Associates from work at Autonomy Works: increased socialization with other Associates in work setting and in work social events, marketable skills and increased self- confidence and independence.

  • Participates voluntarily in training programs to increase competency and learn new work skills.
  • Expanded transportation options, including driving and public transportation.
  • Attends community college or other educational program.
  • Engages in organized activities in the community.

Social impact of Autonomy Works and its Associates on the community:

  • A more complete view of people with autism.
  • A hidden workforce mobilized and trained.
  • Meaningful work and earned income for individuals with unique skills.