My name is Barry. I have been an Associate at AutonomyWorks since June 2014.

I like working at AutonomyWorks. It’s a friendly place to work. Working with friendly staff and coworkers is the best part about the job. It’s a really good office environment to be in. I work 5 days each week and I work a longer shift. I start at 8:30 am with everyone else and I work until 3:30 or 5:30 each day that I am here. Not everyone does that. My schedule is kind of unique.

I work on iCrossing. My job for iCrossing is to traffic Ad Units. That means that I upload creative Ad Units, set the Website they will appear on, and determine when the ad will start and stop running. Trafficking is a complicated procedure, but it basically means I take creative Ad Units from a computer and display them on websites all over the country.

Learning new skills and tools can be hard. The hardest part of my job is when I am seeing client work and instructions that I’ve never seen before. This takes a lot of patience and skill to learn how to do the work. The only way to do it is to follow the instructions exactly as they are written.

Following instructions is one of the skills you need to have to work at AutonomyWorks if you are going to be successful. You should also probably like being on a computer and doing repeatable tasks. It’s hard to get used to following the instructions and the client work, but it gets easier with a lot of practice. If you read the instructions carefully, don’t be sloppy, and double check your work, you can do a good job.

There are other things about working here that are good too. I like to watch movies and play video games. I can do this on my breaks. Or I like to try to do the puzzles in the break room. AutonomyWorks is a place where I’m comfortable. I’m learning a lot about clients, but also learning to be more independent too.