The Client:

Hu-Friedy Logo

Hu-Friedy is a global manufacturer of medical equipment. Founded in 1908, the company sells an array of 10,000 products across more than 100 countries.

Client Need:

Hu-Friedy had 15,000 paper invoices from prior sales and marketing campaigns. Since all the data was locked in paper, the company was unable to evaluate programs and determine return on investment.

AW Solution:

AutonomyWorks mobilized a team of three Associates to enter the data from the invoices. Each invoice had ten unique data fields and as many as 100 individual lines – each with an additional eight data fields. Data was formatted to align with the client’s internal analysis and reporting database and uploaded weekly.

AutonomyWorks created a custom processes and data management tools to organize and manage the invoices and data collection. These tools enabled efficient data entry and quality control.


AutonomyWorks captured more than 200,000 line items from the 15,000 invoices in less than eight months.