The Client:

Centro develops digital advertising and media management software to help advertisers streamline and scale digital campaigns.

Client Need:

Consistently rated as one of the best places to work in the advertising industry, Centro was always searching for solutions to improve engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction in their staff.

AW Solution:

Based on team surveys, Centro identified two high-volume activities that consumed significant resources from Account Coordinators and Account Managers – campaign validation screenshots and publisher pacing updates.

  • For the campaign validation, AutonomyWorks confirms the launch of display campaigns for dozens of campaigns each month – including weekends and holidays. For each validation, we capture a screenshot of the live ad and create client-ready powerpoint documents.
  • For publisher pacing, AutonomyWorks reviews campaign spend by publisher to identify pacing issues (over- and under-pacing). We create and send emails to any publishers with pacing issues. AutonomyWorks created a portal that enables Centro team members to enter requests directly into our processing systems ensuring accuracy and reducing turnaround times.


AutonomyWorks has validated the launch of more 25,000 placements across hundreds of campaigns. 99% of placements are tested on the launch date.

We have evaluated more than 2,000 campaigns for pacing issues and sent more than 20,000 emails to publishers. Our average turnaround time is less than eight hours and our accuracy rate exceeds 99%.